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Make Emergency Vet Visits Less Stressful Using These Tips And Tricks

As a pet owner, there is always a chance that you'll end up having to visit a veterinarian for an emergency whether your pet gets sick or injured. You can make emergency vet visits less stressful for everyone involved with the help of the following tips and tricks:

Make an Initial Consultation Visit

It's important to schedule an initial consultation visit with all the veterinarians you plan to utilize as your pet ages. The vets that will be caring for your pet should get to know them ahead of time, so these professionals have a clear understanding of your pet's specific needs, which will come in handy if an emergency problem arises and your pet needs to be treated quickly.

During your consultations, you'll have a chance to fill out intake paperwork and provide the facility with all your pet's past medical records so they can be filed for future use when needed.

Invest in a Microchip Implant

Having a microchip implanted in your pet is another task that you can do to make emergency vet visits less stressful. The facility you end up taking your pet to for emergency care will be able to quickly scan your pet and retrieve valuable information that can help them properly treat your pet. A microchip will also help veterinarians identify your pet if they get lost so you can be reunited quickly. Your pet's microchip can be read by any veterinarian in the United States, which will help keep your pet protected when you are in your community and while traveling.

Keep a Bag in the Vehicle

It's a good idea to pack an emergency bag for your pet and keep it in your vehicle, so it's always available if you need to head to the veterinarian's office for an emergency. The bag should include all your pet's medical paperwork that can be used if you need to visit an unfamiliar veterinarian's office. Put a blanket, some canned wet food, a bottle of water and a bowl, a toy or two, and any medical products or medications that your pet needs on a regular basis. Anything you feel will give your pet some comfort during an emergency should be kept in the bag, so it's readily available when you need it the most.

These tips and tricks should be easy to implement and will make taking your pet to the vet for an emergency less stressful and more convenient overall.