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Beating Big Myths About Having A Tom Cat Neutered

Cats are highly reproductive animals, with females coming into an estrous cycle several times through the year. Even if you get a male cat so you don't have to worry about kittens, it definitely does not mean you won't have headaches to contend with. Male cats will spray urine to mark their territory when they mature and will do all they can to slip outdoors so they can chase down a female. For these reasons having a male cat neutered is a good idea. However a lot of cat owners choose not to have their male cat neutered because they have heard a few myths about the procedure. Here is a quick look at these common myths and the facts you should know. 

Myth: If you have a male cat neutered, they gain weight and will no longer be playful. 

Fact: In general, a neutered male cat will not have drastic changes in their activity levels except for the fact that they will no longer feel the need to chase females if they are nearby. While some cats who have been neutered will be a little less active, this is not something that should contribute to a great deal of weight gain. If you see your pet gaining weight after surgery, talk to your vet for diet recommendations. 

Myth: It takes a male cat a long time to recover from the neutering surgery.

Fact: The neutering process with a cat is actually a simple procedure that will only take the veterinarian a few minutes to complete. An incision will be made in the skin of the scrotum and the testes will be removed. The incision made is very small, which means healing time is really short. Your cat may be a little sore from the surgery when they get home and may even be a little groggy, but for the most part, they will quickly resume normal activity levels. 

Myth: You have to wait until a cat is full-grown before you have him neutered.

Fact: It is actually best if you have your tom cat neutered earlier when he is not full grown because there will be less of a risk of complication after surgery. Plus, a younger cat will heal quickly after surgery is performed because their tissues and body are still growing and developing. In general, cats can be neutered as early as eight weeks of age, which is far from full grown. 

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