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Tapeworms And Dogs: How Do They Get Them And What Can Be Done To Treat Them?

Are you concerned that your dog may have tapeworms? Although this is a health problem that dogs can often end up dealing with, it is important to have the issue cared for promptly by a veterinarian or else things could turn fatal for your pup. Even if the veterinarian's office is closed, you should take your dog to the animal hospital for an evaluation instead of waiting.

How Do Dogs End Up With This Type of Condition?

In most cases, dogs with tapeworm had fleas beforehand. It is easy for these animals to catch fleas, especially if you visit a local park where other animals, including stray ones, may be roaming. If your dog has fleas or comes in contact with the eggs that they have laid, it is possible that your pet accidentally swallowed some of the infested eggs. As a result, your pet could now have tapeworms.

Common Signs to Be Aware Of When Checking Your Dog

Different dogs who are suffering from tapeworms may exhibit different signs. However, there are a few signs that are most commonly displayed by pups of all ages. The first sign to look out for is diarrhea. Before jumping to conclusions, think about any foods your pet may have consumed over the past few days. Diarrhea can occur for a number of reasons and tapeworms is just one of those reasons.

While diarrhea is a common sign to look out for, there are several other signs of tapeworms, including a loss of appetite. If your pet normally loves eating its own food and constantly begs for your food and that suddenly changes, there could be something going on. If your pet is exhibiting these and other symptoms, a trip to the animal hospital is the best way to find out for sure.

Types of Treatment Offered to Animals With Tapeworms

If your pet is diagnosed with tapeworms, different treatment options may be available. There are some deworming products available at most pet stores. However, the veterinarian can prescribe a medication designed to eliminate these pests from inside your pet's intestine. There are a few different prescription medications that can help with tapeworms, but epsiprantel is one of the most common. If you are having a hard time getting your dog to take the prescribed medication, you may want to consider hiding it inside of a treat.

Tapeworms can have a negative effect on dogs. However, treatment options are offered. Instead of waiting to see if your pet gets better or worse, it is better to go to the animal hospital to seek treatment.