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Have Pets And Moving To Another State? A Few Things To Verify

If you are about to move to a different state, things are probably a bit hectic. Trying to make sure you have all the utilities ready to be turned on, know where the schools are, and have set up moving services are just the start of things that need to be done. When you have pets, there are even more things you need to know about. Here are a few things to research and verify before taking the trip to your new home.

Licensing and Zoning

Most states require cats and dogs to have current rabies vaccinations and to be licensed with the county. There may be restrictions on the number of pets you are allowed to have per household. If you have more than the maximum, you may be required to apply for a kennel license. If you have other pets, such as farm animals, be sure to know what the zoning is at your new home. Just because the area appears to be rural does not mean that all farm animals are permitted. Again, there may be restrictions on the number you are allowed, this may be per household or per acre.

24-Hour Emergency Veterinary Care

Just because you looked in the yellow pages or online and saw that there are a number of veterinary clinics in your new town does not mean that they are available 24/7. Contact the clinics and ask what hours they are open. If none of them have night time or weekend hours, ask what you must do in an emergency. If the emergency vet clinic is in a town nearby, be sure to go visit them and set up at least one appointment with your pet. This way, there will be baseline information about your pet should there ever be an emergency. If this office is not too far from your new home, you may want to consider using it for all your veterinary needs.

Laws and Parks

You need to know exactly what the laws are concerning your pet outdoors. Some places will allow them to be loose on your property as long as there is a fence, while others will want the animals tied up even in your yard. Find out if there are any parks, hiking trails, beaches, or what have you that will allow you to take your pets for a day outside.

Your pets are very much a part of y our family. The move is going to be stressful on them too. Make sure that your  new home can accommodate your furry family members and all their needs.