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Keep Christmas Safe For Your Canine This Year

A trip to the emergency animal clinic this holiday is not something you want to go through this Christmas. Keep your canines safe this season by taking practical steps to protect them from the holiday hazards that appear during this festive and celebratory time of year.

Some things to know to help keep your dog safe this holiday include:

Watch out for wrap, bows, and ribbons. Many people overlook the potential hazards lying around the home under the tree. Wrapping paper, ribbons, bows, and package embellishments pose a big threat to your canine, as these alluring trinkets are easy for them to reach and ingest. These items can be a choking hazard, so keep your gifts out of reach of your dogs, such as on a table, bookcase, or tucked away in a closet or cabinet.

Keep small toys and trinkets out of reach. After the presents have been unwrapped, take a good look around to make sure there are no toys and trinkets left behind that could be ingested by your dog. Tell kids to pick up their goodies and gifts to make sure the dog doesn't choke on these tiny treasures.

Don't let your dog indulge too much. Everyone wants to splurge a little over this holiday marked with rich foods and decadent desserts—even pets. Make sure that you don't over-indulge your dog and make them sick from foods that they may not be accustomed to eating. Dairy, chocolate, sauces, and sweets can be too much for your dog to handle, and could result in stomach upset, diarrhea, or vomiting, which are all unpleasant repercussions during the holiday.

Be safe when leaving home. If your holiday involves leaving home to visit others, make sure to keep your pet safe during these outings. Secure pets with collars and tags, and keep them leashed in the car to prevent fleeing if they're startled during the trip. It may be that the safest place for your pet during the holiday is with a responsible pet-sitter or at a reputable boarding kennel.

Keep chaos and stress to a minimum. Christmas can be a stressful time for pets with the noises, chaos, and unfamiliar guests that accompany holiday celebrations. Try to keep things low-key for your pet, or secure the pet in another room where it is quiet and comfortable during your gathering.

Avoid trips to the emergency vet clinic by taking these precautions to protect your dog. Use these tips to ensure a happy and healthy new year for your four-legged family members!