3 Important Autumn And Winter Safety Tips For Your Dog

Fall and winter should be a fun time of year for you and your dog. The mild weather and changes in foliage in the fall can make for more frequent and more pleasant walks and time spent outdoors. The winter holidays can mean guests or trips to visit family, which can be fun for both you and your furry friend. However, there are also certain dangers that go along with the fall season that you should be on the lookout for.

Tips for Starting Your Own Veterinarian Office

If you have been through all of the schooling and are ready to open your own veterinarian office, you might start to get a little worried about how to get it all done. There is a lot to set up and pay for, so you may want to take a few moments to look through the following tips in order to give yourself the best shot at a successful business venture.

Traveling Cross-Country With Rover? 3 Dog Care Tips For Your Epic Adventure

Dogs make excellent road trip companions. They never complain, eagerly enjoy your random stops, and love exploring new places. While dogs are fairly low-maintenance traveling buddies, it is important to be extra vigilant regarding their safety. As you make your travel itinerary, keep these dog care tips in mind to avoid having your epic adventure interrupted by a preventable emergency. Prioritize Hydration It may be tempting to skimp on water in an effort to avoid multiple potty breaks.

For New Parrot Parents: 5 Tips for Transporting Polly to the Vet

If you are a relatively new parrot owner, you may soon be faced with the challenge of safely transporting your bird to the veterinarian for a routine examination. As with most pets, parrots need wellness exams and routine check ups. Assuming you have already found a qualified avian veterinarian, you'll need the proper transport carrier and a few tried-and-true techniques for safely transporting Polly to and from the vet's office. To minimize the stress to your avian friend and to yourself, follow these simple rules:

Teacup Pig Pets And Veterinary Care

There is an illusion promoted by breeders of so-called "teacup pigs" that they small and portable throughout their lifespan. They are just pot bellied pigs whose growth may have been stunted by inadequate feeding or inbreeding in the attempt to produce a true miniature pig.  If you are considering buying a "teacup" pig as a pet in an urban area, you may want to check the facts about pig care first.

Surgery Alternatives To Help With Your Aging Dog's Bone And Joint Disease

Face it. Your dog just isn't as nimble as he or she was as a lively 5-year-old. The signs of bone and joint disease can creep up slowly, or you may wake up one day and your furry friend suddenly no longer wants to jump up on his or her favorite spot on the sofa. It can be heartbreaking, but it's a natural part of aging. However, just because it's natural doesn't mean you can't do something to ease your pup's pain and improve quality of life.

How Stem Cell Therapy Is Helping Pets Live (Slightly) Longer, Better Lives

If you have a dog or cat that has lived a long life thus far, but you know that you may have to prepare for the end soon, ask your vet about stem cell therapy. While stem cell use in humans is strictly regulated, it is not so regulated in pets. In fact, it is a very common treatment for many age-related disorders in pets. Here is how stem cell therapy can help your pet live a longer, better life.

Is Your Cat Having Trouble Seeing? How You Can Tell And What You Can Do About It

Just like humans, cats can develop any of a number of eye conditions that only grow worse over time. You must remain proactive about your cat's eye health. Watch for signs of eye problems, and take your cat in to an animal hospital for routine exams. Types of Eye Problems That Can Plague Your Cat There are numerous eye diseases and conditions that cats can develop. Keep in mind that a cat's eyes have the same basic working parts as a human eye plus a few extras.

Seven Signs That You Should Take Your Pet To The Vet

If you are a pet owner, it may be difficult to ascertain what constitutes a veterinary emergency and when you should seek help for your dog or cat. There are some symptoms that should not be overlooked, and prompt medical attention is integral. Seven symptoms that should not be ignored are: Vomiting. Any pet will vomit if they eat something bad or have a sour stomach, but persistent vomiting could be a sign of something much worse.

Three Health Problems That German Shepherds Often Experience

German Shepherds are big, majestic dogs known for their athleticism and intelligence. They can make wonderful running companions and protective family pets. However, the downfall of the German Shepherd breed is their susceptibility to certain diseases and health problems. Here are three medical conditions that German Shepherds often experience. Watch out for their symptoms as your dog ages. Hip Dysplasia Many German Shepherds are born with a condition called hip dysplasia in which the femur bone does not fit properly into the hip socket.